Sliced Bacon 8 3/4" 14-16 (Brown Box)


Weight 11.00 lbs

Sliced Bacon 8 3/4" 14-16 (Brown Box)

Fresh | 14-16 slices/lb | 11 lbs

Earn $15 per box with Bacon!

Our 100% Canadian Fresh Farmers Cut B-A-C-O-N is less expensive than store prices and it's loved by everyone! Supplied by Gordon Foods in Calgary.

Antibiotic Free! + Gluten Free! A total of 11 pounds of fresh bacon comes in 2 - 5.5 lbs packages.  The bacon is easy to portion out and freeze. Approximately 14-16 slices in 1 pound.   You get about 150 slices.

Keto Friendly too: less than .5g of carbs per slice-And these are natural carbs as we no not use dextrose or syrup in the curing process. 

Food Alliance. Gluten Free. Made In Canada

No Artificial Flavours. No Artificial Sweeteners. No Colour From Synthetic Sources. No High Fructose Corn Syrup. No MSG

TF product code 802.099

Profit margin: 21.43%