Turkey Links from Stemmler Meats


Weight 9.25 lbs

Turkey Links from Stemmler Meats

Frozen | 2 x 4.6lbs | 9.25lbs

Locally sourced! Over 100 links!

Support a local business! Stemmler Meats has a quality reputation second to none! With no hormones or antibiotics, these Stemmler Meats Turkey Sticks are essential for the family on the go and pack a low fat, protein punch 'every body' could use. They come fully cooked. Just defrost in the refrigerator and add them to lunches, salads and wraps or take them on car trips, practices and hikes.

(Gluten, Lactose, MSG, Nitrate, Corn, Soy, Mustard FREE)

2 x 4.6 lbs of 1 oz. meat sticks per box, Frozen

PC: 802.014


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Profit margin: 20.00%